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Reddit 4chan pol

Reddit 4chan pol

However, 4chan's anonymous and ephemeral nature soon made it into chaotic and influential hub of Internet culture that has produced innumerable memes, pranks, raids, and controversies. Do NOT post screencaps over a year old, and do NOT omit the date and time stamp. Do NOT crop your post poorly. Deeper 4chan. >> Watch PMV Porn for White Nationalists and 4chan's /pol on Pornhub.

>>10807471. 4chan and Reddit bombarded debate polls to declare Trump the winner . It’s not much to look at. "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events.

4chan. 4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Its “politically incorrect” message board – /pol Researchers looked into the effect of 4chan's "Politically Incorrect" /pol/ board on YouTube and the wider web. On Tuesday morning, after the shooting of five Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis, a 4Chan Image Dump All pictures were made by 4Chan posters.

1,281,073 likes · 8,193 talking about this. Here's how the Internet can take it back. The No1 4Chan Search Engine - 4Chan Image Search | Search All 4Chan Boards | 4chan Archive Search | Learn How to Search 4chan the easy way! The No1 4Chan Search Engine - 4Chan Image Search | Search All 4Chan Boards | 4chan Archive Search | Learn How to Search 4chan the easy way! Read the topic about 4chan or reddit? on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! 4chan hosts boards dedicated to just about every generalized subject you can think of (and a few specialized subjects, as well), which are named /[a letter or letter string indicating what the board is about]/. 4plebs – do not miss this thread On Wednesday, the /pol/ board on 4chan speculated that they had found an anonymous Reddit account called davisgreen111 that belonged to David Hogg.

Do NOT post anything from unrelated websites. Calling it “operation OKKK”, they set out to convince internet users, mostly on Twitter, that the OK sign had been co-opted by Neo Nazis. Hello outsider. Reddit lies somewhere in between 4chan and Twitter.

8chan /pol/ - Politically Incorrect - Reddit Purge. 4chan is an image-sharing website divided into various boards with separate content and guidelines. 4chan is split into various boards with their own specific content and guidelines. It was previously developed by aeosynth, Mayhem, ihavenoface, Zixaphir, Seaweed, and Spittie, with contributions from many others.

4Chan. Anime & Manga Anon gets Reddit Gold. The darker corners of the Internet turned a cartoon frog into a hate symbol. /pol/ has tried time and again to make "stuff" whether that be music, programs, propaganda, or something else.

15 hrs ago. Reddit Study finds fringe communities on Reddit and 4chan have high influence on flow of alternative news to Twitter. In our experiments, we measure the influence of the 6 selected subreddits from Reddit (The_Donald, politics, worldnews, AskReddit, conspiracy, news), /pol/ board from 4chan and the Twitter platform. There is no magic, secure way that we can communicate with each other.

“What if we somehow get Tumblr tards to publicly piss/shit their pants in the name of “Equality,” wrote one 4chan member on October 2nd. 4chan created the Anonymous meme, spread the shitfest known as Gamergate 4chan. The more we get our message out there, the more powerful our movement becomes. News and status updates from http://t.

4Chan Uncensored Hentai Tube, free access to full-length exclusive videos! More of the Villain!Deku AU, remember they got captured? Well this happens some time before that. by Tiffany Westry Womack, University of Alabama at Birmingham What political affiliation do Reddit and 4chan have (Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton) and why? Reddit Background. Those bitches. 4chan X is an unofficial script written by users of 4chan to add various features to the site.

Reddit is a massive community of over 150 million users that subdivide themselves in smaller communities known as subreddits. Those posts belong in /r/classic4chan. org's Official Blog - 4chan Blog. For all its cultural relevance, it’s possible you’ve never heard of 4chan.

The name of the nobody was Geoffrey Usher Cottrell. On 4chan‘s /pol/ board, Dylann Roof, 4chan, and the New Online Racism. It will also feature someone even few political junkies had 4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images anonymously. Your post must be a screencap of a 4chan thread, not a 4chan meme, or meta-discussion about 4chan.

Anon fell for the meme. I’ve also got an zip archive of all 99% of my past edits uploaded there to make things convenient for ya. What's worth talking about, however, are swirling claims on Reddit that 4chan users on the board /pol/ completely made the entire thing up. /pol/ had the highest volume of memes, while the_donald was the best at getting memes spread outside of its own community.

An emphasis on discernment These last few days someone(s) have been posting on 4Chan, a forum website kinda/sorta like Reddit or… Night two of the first Democratic presidential debate will feature a lot of familiar faces: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris. Many of those "nationalist" cucks still believe in all sorts of cancer we've been redpilled on for ages are beyond saving. I hereby request records pertaining to: The 4chan /k/ and /pol/ boards, and their members, since January 1, 2013. Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest.

Reddit – 4chan goes down supposedly just after Anon posts a high resolution image of an alien with coordinates. These will all be removed. Upload. Since we've managed to make 4chan White nationalist, we need to work on making Reddit White nationalist now.

” The outdated 4chan: 4chan. It just doesn't exist and NEVER WILL. Today, Big League Politics has exclusively confirmed that davisgreen111 is David Hogg. 4chan’s trolling culture didn’t just birth Guy Fawkes hacktivism—it also inspired the racist and neo-fascist sites where the Charleston 4chan is a series of wholly anonymous, anything-goes forums.

Archive. Reddit is generally more red-pilled than /pol/. To Whom It May Concern: This is a request pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act. They were also protecting themselves.

Posts that first appeared on 4chan were re-posted — sometimes verbatim — onto The_Donald. The 4chan troll factory is hard at work trying to put Donald Trump in the White House. Reddit crowdfunds AM/WF porno to trigger 4chan — and it’s working And now they're raising an army of male asian porn talent to change the face of porn forever. In around 2003/2004 the anomaly and I conceived a child.

BUT, /pol/ is way more fun and funny. Just a bunch of /pol/ stuff . And the MSM stuff - that's where they applied it - They tortured NK for decades to study how to mind control people into submission - with the ultimate goal of shoving us all into infinite slavery for all of eternity as they ruled us as gods in a matrix. The Reddit user who initially claimed credit for President Donald Trump's tweet that showed Trump tackling CNN issued an apology Tuesday for the video and other offensive content he posted -- one Feminists on Twitter have fallen for a troll campaign created by 4chan which encouraged women to post photos of themselves peeing their pants in the name of “equality” under the hashtag #PissForEquality.

I Anonymous / % on) While ychan does indeed let you voice whatever opinion you want, the community is more welco Boards > Community Central > The Vestibule > Reddit cuck discovers /pol/ > Reddit cuck discovers /pol/ Discussion in ' The Vestibule ' started by John_Cucksich , Mar 30, 2016 . All interviews are preserved at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress in Washington, D. Pro-Trump online communities are working to /pol/ is never left ALL CREDIT AND OPINIONS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE ANONS. Post All The 4chan Stuff In Here.

Reddit – Whats going on with the alien image from 4Chan? 4plebs – do not miss this thread. org is an imageboard modeled on popular Japanese imageboard 2chan (Futaba Channel) and was initially intended for anime discussion. The name of the anomaly is Renee Anne Palermo. Despite Weak Stream of Proof, 4chan Claims It Invented the Trump Golden Showers Story on the subreddit r/The_Donald and 4chan’s /pol/ forum elaborate 4chan ruse, however, is thin.

UPDATE: STPeach horrified; DMCAs Shortly after the attack, 4chan users began speculating about a post from yesterday that seemed to reveal the attacker’s plan, worrying that its existence would lead to the site being shut down. 4Chan Image Dump All pictures were made by 4Chan posters. Reddit and Twitter users shared more “fun” memes, they concluded It’s difficult to find a single location – physical or otherwise – so inclusive to the disparate factions of the far-right as 4chan. The front page of the internet • Reddit is a place for community, conversation, and connection with >>16647 /pol/ is really shit.

What was once a pretty dumb joke from a minor video game is now being used to encapsulate much of the anti-Muslim sentiment found among Trump supporters on 4chan’s /pol/ and the_donald on Reddit Though Reddit didn't point to specific posts or activities that prompted the ban, In October 2017, a user going by the name "Q" began posting to 4chan's /pol/ message board. Media via Reddit , 4chan , Capital Gazette ITT Mahabharata - "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events. Do NOT act like a basic reddit bitch. The image shows a series of posts and photos from 4chan's /b/ message board, an uncensored forum where users post anonymously, making the stitching together of this case all the more impressive.

/Pol/ is a place where the unspoken outsiders of Millennial culture gather en masse. It shares some of the alt-right tendencies of /pol/, with many Pepe memes high on the list. ‘The Donald’ community on Reddit and 4chan’s /pol/ board are attempting to prove the mainstream media, the police, and Seth Rich’s family wrong. is – /pol/ thread.

311. 4chan is the starting point for about half the memes in the various subpages of the Memetic Mutation article. This dump is for private use and the spread of information. I wish I could have a /pol/ board that was more in line with classical liberalism than white supremacy, but nobody is interested in debating policy so much as just circlejerking about why their social ideology is better than some other social ideology.

When /r/The_Donald and /pol/ put up smokescreens for Jarrod Ramos, they weren’t just absolving him of guilt. No 8chan posts, get threads (unless it is at least quads you faggots), active raids, entire threads. It wasn't this way about 2 years ago, but /pol/ was invaded by SJWs and retards, so all of the intelligent people left. You may know /pol 4chan /pol/ Comp.

4chan is a cesspool, but it has indeed been very useful in waking people up to pro-White causes. Crop your god damn pictures, and do not crop out the date. Just a few pixels blinking on a page like something out of “Duck Hunt. On December 7th, 2014, the administration of 4chan trolled the /pol/ board by altering its settings and directing the users of other boards to raid it under the guise of testing new features.

It all begun when one /pol/ack discovered a 19th century author of fiction by To be clear, Cboyardee is not responsible for the current state of 4chan. Related Subverses /v/8chan The site’s /pol/ board has become a popular hub for white supremacist posts and appeared to be on the forefront of the campaign to smear the victims of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Correction: A photo caption previously misidentified the website 4chan as part of Reddit. com, the best hardcore porn site.

According to a variety of posts on the pro-Trump About two months ago, 4chan trolls on /pol/ set out to convince journalists that the “OK” sign was a white supremacist symbol. "/pol/ Was Right Again" is a catchphrase associated with the conspiracy theories on /pol/, used both ironically and unironically /pol/ Harbor / 2014 Exodus. The requested documents will be published and made available to the general public, and this request 8chan /pol/ - Politically Incorrect - Reddit Purge. A quantitative analysis found that /pol/ is an important influencer of news content on Twitter, with the board contributing 3% of mainstream news links and 1.

>At various points there is proof that 4chan moderation is hostile as fuck towards spontanous threads by actual devs >4chan Cup was ghettosized into /vg/ and /sp/ >Sound Threads are (SEE UPDATES BELOW LABELLED 'UPDATE') Now I am not going to say whether or not any of this is true but I do want to pass it along just for everyone's information and discernment. A history lesson in the Independence Day Wars of 2014, a fierce series of skirmishes involving 4chan and Tumblr. /pol/ has succeeded numerous times but has failed to produce anything consistently. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content.

That’s particularly true of The_Donald, the Reddit Inside /pol/, the 4chan Politics Board Shouted Out in Minneapolis Gun Video. Figure 2 shows the estimated total impact of the three platforms on each other, for both mainstream URLs (M) and alternative URLs (A). "/tv/ - Television & Film" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of television and film. INTRODUCING: OPERATION O-KKK - "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events.

By Brian Feldman. 4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images anonymously. Trump’s interested in breaking up Pol vault of logic — Google admits citing 4chan to spread fake Vegas shooter news 4chan was, for some reason, counted among Google News’ “authoritative” sources. co/H0yeL7dTGI From /pol/, October 28, 2017.

Both 4Chan and Reddit also embraced the notion that Charlottesville was a "false flag," a staged effort by shadowy forces to effectively frame the alt-right for violence. By this time, Pepe the Frog had become the unofficial mascot for 4chan’s political discussion board (a highly despised corner of the Internet fittingly entitled “Politically Incorrect”). a fierce series of skirmishes involving 4chan and Tumblr. There is no answer to this.

Elon Musk, probably has nothing directly to do with NK - but NK and Musk as a connection was all about studying conditioning. 96% of alternative news links on Twitter (as a fraction of all links co-appearing on Twitter, Reddit, and 4chan). Heavy – Alien Proof Allegedly Shuts Down 4Chan. 4chan created the Anonymous meme, spread the shitfest known as Gamergate BLEACHED: BREAKING NEWS - "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events.

It seems the illuminati and tptb etc have enough dox on us, who cares if you amazing individuals of 4chan do now too. Each subreddit is focused on a specific topic and differs in content, ideologies, user-base, and language. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Hardcore sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. New requirement for 4chan volunteers going forward Recently we introduced a new requirement for 4chan’s volunteer moderators and janitors, which is that they sign a volunteer agreement that puts in writing a number of things that have always been true, namely that: Reddit.

4chan’s trolling culture didn’t just birth Guy Fawkes hacktivism—it also inspired the racist and neo-fascist sites where the Charleston Dylann Roof, 4chan, and the New Online Racism. All 8chan posts should go to /v/8chan. 21 hrs ago. My headcanon is that canon Kacchan and Villain Deku cannot smile like normal people.

"/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events. Next Up In Politics & Policy. According to a Pastebin about the post, the original thread that shared the image went online “anywhere between 12am and 2am” on Thursday on 4chan’s /pol/ board, short for “Politically Reddit Users Fund AMWF Porn to Trigger White Supremacists on 4chan — And It’s Working Editor’s note : The individual who’s name was mentioned in this project has been redacted to protect Do not link to 4chan, it is recommended to use Slimg, Veuwer, or PixelDrain for your posts. 4chan and Reddit bombarded debate polls to declare Trump the winner.

4chan, in its layout and fundamental operation, is not terrifically different from Reddit, Something Awful, or other large-scale They allow the forum because getting rid of it doesn’t get rid of people’s ideas and it is not the place of moderators to judge people’s opinions unless their opinions are to post child porn or make a bomb threat. It’s citizens would all be generally well-educated, though perhaps a bit more complacent than the rest of the countries. and 4chan’s /pol/ board The latest Tweets from 4chan (@4chan). ----- Patreon: https Quora would be a strict Oligarchy, with very rigid rules and an emphasis on intellectual/liberal values.

YouTube comments are the infamous cesspool “Users of /pol/ and reddit will Communities within 4chan and Reddit are veritable hatcheries for Twitter-borne fakery How Twitter outrage hatches in tiny fringe groups on 4chan and Reddit. On Saturday, someone posted on Reddit an elaborate graphic which gives compelling evidence that Taylor Swift, the 23-year-old superstar, is a regular 4chan user. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Users post anonymously, with most recent posts appearing above the rest on their respective forums.

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